Midnight Millionaire Club LIVE
Luxury Workaway Weekends & Retreats

Everyone knows that you can make a business out of just about anything!

Do you know how to leverage your business into multiple
streams of revenue?

Do you wonder how 6 and 7-figure businesses generate income
without generating additional work?

Are you struggling to find your business’ unique voice? Are
you tired of working so stinking hard to get noticed in the
sea of sameness?

Or maybe your biz-problem is exposure — Are you tired of
your business not getting the attention it should?

I feel your pain and I’ve designed Midnight Millionaire Club LIVE, the premiere luxury work-away weekend and retreat provider to help women of color Entrepreneurs just like you!

I’m Amber Aziza, Founder and CEO of ASquaredCoach.com and MidnightMillionaireClub.com where my team and I help Millennials and Millennials-at-heart, build the businesses of their dreams, speak their passion and live a lifestyle that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous! I’m a 7-figure Biz Coach who has built and sold two businesses in multi-million dollar deals and now I’m dedicated to helping you build the business you deserve!!

If you’re tired of playing small and continuously missing your shot, then one (or all!) of our remote luxury retreats is exactly what you need!

You’re invited to spend time with me and other 6 and 7-figure earning Entrepreneurs in an exclusive, intimate retreat hosted in one of five locations around the world where we’ll pinpoint biz strategies and help you grow your biz to the next level.

What is a Midnight Millionaire?

An Entrepreneur who works their butts off, even into the wee hours of the night to build their empires. Those that eat, sleep, breathe, and dream their biz day in and day out. The ones with big dreams and great plans to achieve them. The biz warriors who know that success won’t pop up overnight. The game-changers who can’t wait until they make their first million so they can say “I’ve arrived”!


What can I expect at MMC LIVE experiences?

At each unique event, we help you experience transformative, accelerated growth. You will experience an evolution in your biz that up until now has only been possible in my private Coaching or Private Groups. You’ll leave each event with practical tools for taking your business to a whole new level a tight-knit network of fellow passion based Entrepreneurs and a mindset for success. Your time with us will be a one of a kind training and implementation where you won’t just walk away with new strategies, but you’ll have had a chance to start making those changes right there, during the event with the guidance of the mentors to achieve your business’ transformation.

MMC LIVE experiences are not your cookie-cutter trainings, they’re disruptive, accelerated, group strategy-sessions coupled with group and solo-work to transform your business and how you operate it. The trainings vary from integrating automation, clarifying your vision, pricing models, eliminating fear, protecting your intellectual property, setting-up standards and processes, positioning yourself to live the life of your dreams while doing what you love, and so much more!

During MMC LIVE, I’ll be teaching you the practices, methods, and techniques that I’ve used over the past years with my businesses to help me create a 7-figure business and a lifestyle that I absolutely LOVE! AND I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THE SAME!! After leaving a MMC Experience, you’ll notice drastic changes-

  • Your marketing efforts will actually start to show results
  • Perfect-fit clients will be banging on your door begging you to work with them or buy your products
  • Making a profit will come with less effort, you’ll stop worrying about how to pay your bills coming in
  • You’ll begin to see your impact on the world
  • You’ll earn the kind of money that folds and baby you will LOVE it!


Is this just for online coaches?

Ummm…no way girl!! Listen, through my work with clients I’ve grown brick and mortar boutiques, online coaching businesses, family-owned restaurants, non-profits, and even a few churches! Our MMC Live Experiences will be for most-any business as scaling to growth is a universal lesson!


Working away from home just works!

Tell me if this sounds familiar– You have a 3-day break to focus on working on your business. You make your plan, you create an awesome “Focus on my biz” playlist, and you sit down ready to work. Then life happens- kids get sick, spouse wants to talk, Love & Hip Hop is having a Marathon, the weather is too nice to stay indoors, etc. And before you know it, the 3 days are over and you have NOTHING to show for it! That’s where MMC LIVE comes in. You see, when you leave your day-to-day surroundings and take the time to focus on your biz, your goals, and yourself, everything begins to fall in place. At Midnight Millionaire Club LIVE, You get the opportunity to completely immerse yourself into your business and recenter where you want your biz to go!


Is MMC LIVE For You?

MMC LIVE is designed for Entrepreneurs who are brand new or have been in business for 1-5 years, but are still struggling or have plateaued and know there is so much more waiting for them. And that’s what makes our events so unique. The only requirement is your willingness to expand your thinking.


An Intimate Experience

Each experience is limited to just 25-50 people so that we can work with all of you in an intimate way.

I’ve hand-picked the best of the best in their respective industries to teach you more than just concepts. Each event boasts at least two experts who will give you the step-by-step breakdown of how to implement their strategies within your specific business. These sessions will impact you and your business for years to come. Here are just a few of the experts lined up:

Ashley Goggins Esq.

Business Law – Miami

Harold Jean Louis

Systems and Processes – Paris

Ilesha Graham

The Power of You- Jamaica

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Social Media Strategy for Rapid Growth -Miami

Tiffany Lanier

Video Production – Paris

Private members only Online Group

All MMC LIVE Experience attendees will be added to a private online Facebook Group where you can network, ask questions, and be the first to know updates about events.

What happens after I register?

Your order will be processed on secure servers. You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes. When you register, a confirmation will be sent via email (be sure to check your spam or promotions folders). Details about the hotel, our discount hotel group rate, discounted airfare, and specific location resources will be sent to you separately after registration. You will love it! Each location has amazing, once in a lifetime excursions planned for you!
PLEASE NOTE: Accommodations and travel are not included in ticket price unless specifically stated within the ticket. We are offering a special discounted group rate at the hotel.

What’s the schedule for each event?

Each event varies in length, agenda and intentions. Check out each individual Midnight Millionaire Club LIVE event section on this sites for more information!

What can I expect from the training portion of the retreats?

Throughout each retreat’s weekend, you’ll learn from the best and brightest from each industry and expand your thinking as you do! Every retreat is different, with different outcomes, so click below to learn more about your specific retreat!

Is there a payment plan?

I know we’re all Ballers-on-a-Budget, so at the time you place your order, you will see all available payment plans listed on the order form.


Where does the training take place?

The Masterclass is held in a bomb.com resorts and spas all over the world! All location details are sent as they become available after your registration for your specific event.

Are travel, meals and lodging included?

5 Star Lunch is included for Super VIP Ticket holders on all 3 days. AM /PM Coffee, Tea and Water are included for all. Travel and lodging are not included, but we provide discounted hotel and airfare. For VIP Ticket holders, we will also provide you with a list of restaurants to go to during the lunch break or you may choose to eat at the famous resort restaurant on site.
Where can I stay in Miami?

The Event Resort is the ideal location for you to stay. The exact details on available rooms and discount rates will be sent to you after registration.

I’m too busy to travel

What is making you so busy? If it’s not getting you the results you want, then you need to STOP doing what’s making you busy and START doing what will make you MONEY like learning the system I will teach you in only 3days! Isn’t your entrepreneurial freedom worth sacrificing a few days behind your computer?

I have small children and I can’t leave them

C’mon, don’t kid me boo! I refuse to let you use the kid-card. You just can’t think this way if you want to live the freedom-based lifestyle of the adventurous entrepreneur! Get creative! Bring your kids and partner to Miami and turn into a Family Vacation! Or, why not gift yourself some YOU time for a change and come immerse yourself in this transformational event? (Your kids will thank you later when you have the biz and lifestyle that lets you spend lots more time with them!)

I have more questions!

No problem. If you have any additional questions, just submit them here! hello@asquaredcoach.com

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